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Paragliding Course Details


Pay Per Day 

Cost £250 per day

You will need approximately 8 days training. This does not have to be all at once and can be Spread over a 6 month period..

 It will get you to Club Pilot level.

Course does not include BHPA Membership.  

Full Course Special Offer

You know you like paragliding so Learn to fly in approx 8 days to reach Club Pilot..

This again does not have to be done all at once & can be spread over a 6 month period.

Price £2000 but with the bonus you get a £500 voucher to spend off Paragliding equipment.

(min spend on equipment £2500 and does not include sale or reduced items)     

Course does not include BHPA Membership 

See the link to our partners shop and all the equipment we can supply and then order through me.


You are now Club Pilot which is a recognised BHPA (British Hang Gliding and Paragliding) Qualification allowing you to fly Solo.

For all specific details and information please call Mark on 07703979149 and I will gladly go through it all with you over the phone or meet up for a coffee.