Two simple steps to learn to fly with us 


Step 1  

Trial Day £250

This is your first Introduction to Paragliding and if you enjoy this you can move to step 2

Step 2

Purchase Paragliding package 

NRR £5957.00 

 Minus Package Discount  &  

£250 Trial Day 

Special Offer  £4999.00

 Package Includes Paraglider, Harness, Reserve Parachute, Helmet and Training.

Does not include BHPA Membership approx £128 per year


You are now Club Pilot which is a recognised BHPA (British Hang Gliding and Paragliding) Qualification allowing you to fly Solo.

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For all specific details and information please call Mark on 07703979149 and I will gladly go through it all with you over the phone or meet up for a coffee. 

Training Per Day

If you need the odd training day. Guiding in the area.

Refresher to get back up to scratch. 

Holiday preparation.

Ground handling day. 

Training Day