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Experience the thrill of a big flig​ht off a mountain with an instructor! No prior experience or training is needed apart from a short pre-flight briefing, and once in the air your pilot can offer you the chance to take the controls of the glider and try flying it for yourself. It's the closest thing to flying like a bird. 

Tandem Flights Cost £200 per flight

Please note there is an additional charge of £19.50 for the Gondola

 at the Nevis Range if we use this site.

  • We do tandems everyday dependent on the weather. We need light winds and no rain to fly.
  • We mainly fly from from Nevis Range near Fort William, Aviemore, Inverness or by Loch Ness but it depends on the weather and wind direction on the day. Flights last around 15/20 minutes but we are controlled by the weather.
  • To book a flight please call or message us. We book the date and then you call the night before to check the weather and receive a time and meeting point.
  • If it is for a gift (Valid for 12 months) please let us know the name of the person coming to do the flight/course. The Date is arranged at your convenience as long as its available and the weather is flyable.
  • We have a weight limit of 15 stone for tandem flights.

Tandem Flight

Paragliding tandem flight

with an Instructor

Tandem Flight

Beyond Extreme T-Shirts

Why not purchase a T-Shirt to go with your Tandem Flight. Beyond Extreme shield Logo on front and Large Beyond Extreme letters on back. Colour Red and please state what size S-M-L-XL

Please pre order if you want on the day

Beyond Extreme T-Shirt

Please Telephone Mark +44 (0)7703979149

+44 (0)7703979149